Type: Rug • Material: Wool and Viscose • Dimensions(cm): 280×200 • Pile Height: 2cm • Technique: Hand Tufted

Through its gradual legalization and consistent de-stigmatization, cannabis has now become part of the contemporary culture. “Stoners” are revealing themselves to be real luxury consumers, finally able to open the window without fear of reprisal. The cannabis industry has emerged as a bold new category in design. The aim of this project was to look at this phenomenon through an aesthetic and playful lens and to be, in terms of design, as intuitive as possible.

Marijuana is known to be a substance with therapeutic and recreational benefits, promoting life-altering experiences and encouraging profound insights into the nature of life and consciousness. Lush is an attempt to connect art, in this case furniture design, and etheogen related experiences. The color-full composition implies an association of geometrical and organic shapes, which the aim is to induce perceptual changes and to access the imaginary world.